4 thoughts on “Britain

  1. Can we just have a swap? We keep all the lovely trinkets and the rest of the world takes turns to host & pay for the anachronistic hereditary soap opera? No? Bugger. Vive la revolution then.
    (If anyone gets the chance to go to the British Museum, take it. It is AMAZING. I’ve only been once but spent almost all day in it and still only managed to do the Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and the Rosetta Stone which were my personal interests. I think there’s a lot more but I was too exhausted to find out.)

    • The museum is amazing, it’s true. I’ve only spent a few days there, but I could spend so many more. I think it’s perfectly possible to entertain both thoughts: “This stuff really shouldn’t be here” and “As long as it is here, I’m going to enjoy it.”

      • Absolutely. It’s like being a kid (of a certain generation) and finding a neighbour’s Commodore 64 with Elite sitting in your lounge. Yeah, it’s not mine but I’m clearly going to enjoy it while I have the chance & then give it back.
        (This happened).

      • I feel I ought to point out the C64 was willingly lent, not stolen (or “taken away for safe-keeping”) as per most of the stuff in the museum!

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