A (Hanging up poster of pyramids): Ah, the pyramids! So mysterious!
B (reading): not really.
A: Will we ever know who really built them?
B: Egyptians.
A: What did they really build them for?
B: Royal tombs.
A: What amazing technology did they have?
B: Ropes, log rollers, levers, and ramps.
A: Aw, come on, man, why do you have to take the wonder and awe out of everything?
B: I’m not going to pretend that the most thoroughly studied archaeological site in the world is some big mystery, but I have plenty of awe and wonder for what the ancient Egyptians achieved. I think understanding how and why they built the pyramids makes them more amazing, not less.
A: Okay, fine, I’ll take down the poster.
A (Hanging up poster of Stonehenge): Ah, Stonehenge! So–
B: NO!

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