A (standing above a room with two doors): Before you stand two doors, champion. Behind one is a fabulous treasure, behind the other a vicious tiger. Choose wisely!
B (in the room): So, is it a metaphor?
A: What?
B: The treasure, is it a metaphor?
A: I.. don’t understand…
B: Is the treasure actual gold and jewels and stuff, or is it some metaphoric crap like “The treasure was inside you all along” or “The real treasure was the friends you made along the way?”
A: Okay, fine, the “treasure” is the people you met on your quest, but they’ve got balloons and cake and stuff, it’ll be fun.
B: Uh-huh, what about the tiger.
A: Yes, yes, the tiger is a metaphor, too. Are you going to choose a door or what?
B (opens a door): Okay, let’s see what’s behind door number– (B opens a door, a bear jumps out and mauls them, leaving them bleeding and groaning on the ground)
A: “Tiger” is a metaphor for “bear”

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