All the videos on Youtube claiming that we never went to the moon were obviously filmed on the moon. You can tell by the fact that there’s no visible wind in the bedrooms and basements where they were recorded. Earth has wind, so clearly they were faked by astronauts.

5 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  1. When I read the conversation in the picture, a remembrance popped up in my mind:
    I know a woman who went to live in Australia some years ago. Since then, information about her life and activities have reached my ears several times.
    Meanwhile, I have read an article about the flat Earth. One of the phrases shocked me. It was something like this “All people who live in Australia and other places in southern hemisphere, all this people are believed by some of the flat-earthers to be nothing more than mercenaries of “round Earth conspiracy”.
    What should I do? To believe her? Or to shake head and say “While she was living here in Bulgaria, she was not such a shameless liar at all .”

    P.S. The situation is real but not created for my comment only.

  2. Nonsense. The so-called Moon Landings were all staged near Sudbury, Ontario. That’s why they had to go along later and paint all the rocks green to fool everyone and to maintain the cover-up.

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