One thought on “Millennials

  1. Love this! Simon Sinek’s millenials in the workplace video that went viral really pisses me off. He argues that same old millenials grew up thinking they’re special and this has resulted in them veing entitled and growing up to then be gobsmacked with the fact that they’re not going to get handouts and they have to work hard and that’s why our generation is more depressed and seek things like facebook and instagram likes that give us instant gratification but are ultimately hollow and empty. He’s completely missing the fact that social media has basically just capitalised on the individualistic culture that worships success and fame (regardless of how you got there) that has been built upon by generations before us. I think older people forget that we are just people trying to navigate the world around us and that there are many causes championed by the youth that focus on inequality and human rights such as BLM and women’s marches and here in SA #feesmustfall

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