To those of you celebrating today, Happy Easter!

To those you celebrating tomorrow, Happy Half-Price Chocolate and Jelly Beans Day!

5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Working in the UK for a US company I have become aware of the fact that Americans (much, much more religious than Brits) don’t have any public holidays for Easter, while we have a Good Friday & Easter Monday off work. Over here Easter is basically about chocolate, DIY and rainy days out. I built a shed, my kids ate chocolate and my wife drove down to see her dad. Today it’s raining. A thoroughly British Easter 🙂

      • When I woke up I began planning how I was going to fix the fence next to the shed. As I swung my legs out of bed my next thought was: “nope!”
        A glorious Monday morning doing bugger all ensued. As you say, it’s the proper way of enjoying such days. 🙂

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