Winter Olympics

There’s also Falling Down a Mountain on a Slightly Smaller Board and Long-Distance Snow Jogging, but those are just variations on the basics.

6 thoughts on “Winter Olympics

  1. Ha! Sums it up perfectly! I’ve just conducted a poll to see if my readers prefer the winter or summer Olympics. My partner and I rode on the Olympic Bobsleigh track in Tignes a couple of years ago – exhilarating and very scary! I only know one person mad enough to go down on the skeleton bob (the one where you lie face down on a ‘tea tray’). The G-force was so strong he could hardly lift his head and scuffed the skin off the end of his nose!

    • Wow! I can’t even imagine what that kind of experience must be like! I like my winter activities slow; kudos to you for doing the fast ones.

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