Notify the chair of the subcommittee on sallies and rampages to begin a report on the feasibility of mustering at dawn for wrath and ruin.

3 thoughts on “Meeting

  1. “Oh bury me, then rise ye up
    And break your heavy chains
    And water with the tyrants’ blood
    The freedom you have gained.
    And in the great new family,
    The family of the free,
    With softly spoken, kindly word
    Remember also me.”

  2. The English department is here to inform you that you misspelled “workspace”. We apologize for using the beacons, but it seemed urgent.
    ~Signed, an English major and your friendly neighborhood grammar and spelling police officer.

    • That’s okay, we’re historians. When you spend your days writing “The anomie of the Merovingian gesellschaft is reflected in the taphonomy of the urheimat,” you stop even bothering with words like “workspace.” 🙂

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