Fun tip: you can end any argument (and most friendships) with “That may be true, but in a larger context the sun will expand to engulf the earth.”

3 thoughts on “Context

  1. That would still, however, leave unanswered the question of how much wood a woodchuck would be able to throw, if, in fact, a woodchuck were able to indeed perform such an act, in relation to the actual end of the Universe, if, in fact the Universe actually were to end, which, if I may point out, is merely thus far a theory. So there. MNAAH. [image of tongue being stuck out] This also bears further discussion in terms of the nature of the Universe … is it indeed, physical, in which we need to determine the actual “parameters” of how we define “physical,” and furthermore …………….. [just punch me any time now, as I am perfectly capable of going on until the end of Time. Now, how would we define “Time?” …. {ready for that punch yet? Now how do we define “punch?”}]

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