6 thoughts on “Maps

  1. This is similar to drawing Great Britain. England and Wales are pretty straightforward, the pen completes the Scottish east coast and then you just think “no-one knows how all the west coast and islands look anyway, just make it up”… squiggle, squiggle, squiggle…

  2. I’ve got the evil cackle pretty much down pat (blood relative Evil Witch). Smug? Unfortunately a great-grandson peed on her as she was changing his diaper. No more need be said.

  3. I live on the West Coast of Scotland and even we would just squiggle squiggle – With mercator projection the trickiest of them all are the countries that are actually relatively small but look enormous when spread out – Greenland etc. And, how do you draw Antartica (not that I’ve ever had to, to be fair and more an issue for a teacher of Geography).

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