I remember futzing about with the tin foil we added to the antenna to get a clearer picture on the old black and white set. Kids these days…

3 thoughts on “Old-fashioned

  1. Oh dear, our viewing habits have changed just so much in what seems like such a short period of time. Yes my little portable telly had to be moved around my student room to try and get the best picture, sometimes ending up on top of the wardrobe AND it was still “all round to mine” if something good was on, as hardly anyone else had a telly! Kids these days….

  2. How I hear you, friend!

    I had an Apple in 1981 and a PC in 1982. I was the one everyone asked for help with their PC’s—since programming in DOS was pretty straight-forward. Ever since they came out with Windows, I’ve been lost…

    Years later my kids went on strike, insisted I buy Apple and get a service contract, and refused to help me anymore.

    Now I can’t figure out whom to ask for help because I don’t know which provider is in charge of what…

    Besides, I’ve developed an anxiety disorder…

    I think it’s called change-phobia.

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