I know we should all just get along, my fandom is okay and your fandom is okay, kum-ba-ya and all that–but you stomtrooper fans do realize they’re space Nazis, right?

9 thoughts on “Uniform

  1. In all fairness there are people who spend their weekends pretending to be ACTUAL Nazis. World War II re-enactors are an interesting bunch. I know a guy who has a creepily realistic uniform for his group. Normally a really nice guy. Did not see him being a Nazi.

  2. I spent ten years working in corporate America and not one of the people I met there was a faceless corporate drone. Not one was anything like the corporate workers depicted in the movies. In fact, every single person was an interesting individual with an interesting story, hopes, sorrows, strengths, weaknesses, and lots of soul. I hope your history is more evidence-based… 😉

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