I can see myself in forty years being one of those out-of-touch curmudgeons who still thinks that professional communications should not include the word “lol.”

6 thoughts on “Recommendation

  1. As a teaching assistant for a fourth year undergraduate genetics lab, I was often asked to write references for students trying to get into medical school. The scariest question on the form was always “If this student becomes a doctor, would you be willing to be his or her patient? If not, why not?”

    Fortunately, most times the answer was “Yes”. On the one occasion where I couldn’t bring myself to check the “Yes” box, I used the excuse that the student had expressed an interest in women’s health.

  2. A little spirit upon my right
    Whispers in my ear,
    “We KNOW the proper way to write,
    We’ve drilled for many a year.”

    Upon the opposite shoulder, though,
    Chuckles my other teacher,
    “Language is always on the go,
    It’s a living, evolving creature!”

    To left and right my gaze I switch,
    But dizzy and forlorn,
    I can never discern, of the two of them, which
    Has the halo and which the horns.
    A bit of useless doggerel, yes; but it’s a quandary I find myself in almost from day to day. Whenever I’m sure I know the right answer, the other one kicks me in the rear.

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