I’m sure there’s a lot of really good traditional Chinese food I’m missing out on, but I like General Tso’s chicken, dammit!


7 thoughts on “Chinese

  1. Oooh. Chinese! Generally, if you go to a decent place (not the $5 all you can eat for crying out loud) you’ll have a selection of good quality meals. That said, the first rule to ordering something new at a Chinese place is to either look it up first, or be willing to pay the price. After all, there is snot sauce and odd stuff like ‘1000’ year old eggs, chicken testicle dishes, and sea slugs. *Most American places do not serve these dishes, but some do.*

  2. might I remind you that unless you treat your waitress or waiter with dignity and respect, no matter what cultural dish you plan to enjoy you may well end up with snot special.

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