Now I’m wondering what Foucault would say about Misty Rain Aubergine.


5 thoughts on “Color

  1. Being a former paint sort at a hardware store, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if that is how it were normally done. Dutch Boy used to at least have fun with it though, I can recall a deep brown they had called “Oh Nuts!”

    • Heh, good one!

      I was trying to match paint samples recently. It really is shocking just how many different shades of white there can be. I have nothing but respect for people who can handle a job like that.

  2. Ah, this was good.
    I always come in with a formula, rather than a name. The number of times I have heard ‘But what’s it called?’… seriously, does it matter? It’s paint from years ago, it probably isn’t even called the same thing anymore! Just make the darn formula!

    • That’s definitely the way to go if you know the formula. I spent entirely too much time holding up those little paint chips to my wall and trying to figure out exactly what shade of white the builders were using.

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