Okay, my fellow professors,let’s talk about this “flipped classroom” fad. There’s lots of different ways of teaching. It’s good to innovate and try out new things, because that’s how you improve. Our students learn in different ways, so we should offer them a variety of different kinds of teaching. If a “flipped classroom” works for your class, that’s great. I’m fine with all this.

But if you think “students learn the material on their own time and then discuss it in class” is a new and innovative teaching strategy, you are doing teaching wrong.


4 thoughts on “Flipped

  1. I think a large part of the problem is the students; many assume that since you’ll be going over the material in class, there’s no reason to prepare at home. I had a professor storm out of class he was so pissed.

    • I don’t wonder at him!

      On the other hand, we as professors have to take our share of the blame. When we turn our classes into spoonfeeding sessions we teach our students not to do their own work. We can’t blame them for learning what we teach them.

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