“Because Xerxes thought has was a god” is somewhere way off to the lower left.

6 thoughts on “Usefulness

  1. So the lesson is, try not to know too much, eh? Curb your curiosity, or risk being a bore. (On some topics, I’m sure I’m a bore.)

  2. This is also what happens when your kids ask you stuff. I could just give a ‘left hand side’ simple answer but they always came back with “Why?”
    So by default I tended to start at the middle point and quickly slide down the right hand side with more in-depth explanations until my daughters wandered off.
    A question from a ten year old English girl on “why do Americans have so many black sprinters in the Olympics” should always be followed by an exhaustive 45 minute lecture on the triangular slave trade.

    • You sound like an awesome parent. It may not be what they want right now, but I bet they’ll appreciate it when they’re older. Keep up the good work! 🙂

      • Ha, well, the eldest (who asked about the sprinters) is now 19 & studying Music Theatre at university. The youngest (16) tended to avoid asking questions but we did recently have a good session on Julian Assange 🙂
        I was never one for saying,”just because”.
        Which did tend to lead to my daughters prefixing questions with “as briefly as possible…”

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