Internet advertisers appear to have concluded the following about me:

  • I am an older woman who struggles with incontinence
  • I am a college student who can’t afford car insurance
  • I am a weightlifter who wants to lose weight and gain muscle
  • I am a hardcore gamer who wants to play the toughest game there is (as long as it has boobs)

It feels like I’m sitting thorough the worst brainstorming session ever.


2 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. Yeah, well, I look up stuff for my grandmother, so I am assumed to be a mix of many things… but the net is not alone here!
    I’ve gotten: Female product coupons in the mail, military information about enrollment (while serving,) and even had my mail delivered to somebody else because the first name was the same (thank you honest person… and seriously postman?!?)

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