People are blaming Peter Jackson for the awful shoehorned romance triangle in the Hobbit films, but I suspect he’s not the one who’s really at fault. Jackson is a big kid playing make-believe.  That’s his genius and his weakness.  When he adds things to Tolkien, he tends to add things like collapsing staircases and troll-mounted catapults.  But an archer chick who has to choose between a rugged dark-haired hunk and a polished, sophisticated blond?  That sounds like something demanded by a studio marketing team with their eyes on the past couple years’ box office receipts.


3 thoughts on “Brainstorming

  1. Pretty sure that was the case with many things I rather disliked… including Smaug acting like a pet with ‘Humanitis’ for about half an hour. Seriously, he’s a Dragon… bring on the badness already! *Granted, that was movie 2, but I feel like it was a similar situation.*

  2. I’m hoping that the extended editions will give each movie a better balance between Actual Tolkien(TM) and Jackson, but unfortunately I’m not holding my breath. We’ll see.

  3. “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way.” ;-} ? (Yes, taken from the truly abysmal animated version of Lord of the Rings. But I’m just following another fine studio tradition – the dreaded remake.)

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