What’s important about that study is not that women were found buried with weapons, it’s that women were found in earlier burials than we expected, showing that the earliest waves of Viking settlement in Britain included women.  It’s an interesting discovery, but it doesn’t fundamentally change our current picture of gender relations in Viking society.  Whenever you read a headline that says: “New discovery proves historians all wrong about X,” you can usually just mentally replace it with: “New discovery proves historians have been pretty much right about X since the 1970s.”

One thought on “Journalists

  1. Aye, journalists tend not to be experts in very many fields outside journalism. Similar to politicians, they rarely hire anybody who is (and isn’t bought off to say exactly what they want to hear) to inform them of the truths or knowledge they need to provide an accurate picture of what is or was happening.
    At least the news still occasionally mentions that something is or has happened somewhere, so you can find out the facts for yourself. Sadly, most people treat the news as the source of fact.

    Having worked in a variety of technical fields, I feel your pain.

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