“What’s that banging sound?”

“Oh, that’s just Howard Zinn trying to get out of the locker we stuffed him into.”


4 thoughts on “Textbooks

  1. Hah! I love it! I think that most textbooks limit history even further than that. Generally, the histories of art, culture, politics, employment, fashion, technology, advancement, medicine, and science take a backseat to the histories of colonization, war and conflict. There’s something to that I think.

  2. High School History Textbooks 101: “Everything was awful, everybody killed each other, politics is nuts, America* is most glorious land we never killed anyone nope.”

    * for worldwide edition, substitute “America” with your own country

    • Addendum to high school US History books: “Except we totally kicked ass in World War II. You’re welcome, world. Russia who?”

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