Medieval myths


Here’s a fun game: try and imagine what future schoolchildren will be taught about the twentieth and twenty-first century.

4 thoughts on “Medieval myths

      • I was actually just this morning thinking of (and humming along) the movie Topsy-Turvy, where the male lead of the opera company was adamant about not performing without a corset in The Mikado. I suspect there were more corset-wearing men than we’d think.

  1. This quite seriously reminds me of what a good many fundamentalistic religious (my principal acquaintance is with the Christian variety) do with the “traditions” of faith these days: that is, of course, invent restrictions and rules and whatnot that have little or no basis in historical Christianity and demand adherence. I suspect this is a common foible. Why, seems to me we even do it on the scale of just our own lives in how we remember our own pasts. How very silly we can be.

    And I usually just leave a flip comment. Gee whiz.

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