And, for the record, a lot of your male customers also want female characters who are something more than just super lo-res porn.

6 thoughts on “Characters

  1. Aye. Although, some game companies do the exact same thing with the male characters. Actually… writing and character quality are enough of a rarity that the games with them really stand out. Sad that.

    • I’ve never seen a male game character half as awful as your run-of-the-mill female character, but there are a lot of games out there I’ve never played or even heard of. What games or companies would you suggest looking at for comparable male characters?

      • Well, I think part of it does depend upon the games you are playing. Yes, most games tend to idealize the body shape of people (there are some notable departures from this, but usually only for a few specific characters or older people.) That is the same for men and women. However, what tends to get buried in these discussions is the emotional range, and the thought level, of the majority of male characters in the games… they all tend to be either angry or angst filled, with little other emotion ever shown, and with very little to define them beyond 1 thing they like (typically something like a sport or cars.)
        Yes, women tend to get thrown into a porn role far too often. *I’d argue that there are a fair number of angst filled guys that are some developers idea of the same thing but for women.* That is sad. Honestly, though, the big problem is that the writing overall for most games is pretty pathetic. Very little character is given to anyone, and there are usually only three roles that any characters fall into (the porn, the gun blazing moron, and the comic relief.) Some games do a wonderful job of having characters be more than that… but they are few and far between.

        So yes, I agree that the porn aspect of women in games is a huge problem. I just don’t want to excuse cruddy character writing on any level within games. (And, honestly, how many male characters in games would you call complex? Most just hit/shoot/stab things until dead, occasionally bark gruffly, and probably have booze or tobacco at hand.)

      • I think you’ve put your finger exactly on the problem. Both men and women get reduced in so many games. Men get reduced to testosterone-jacked violence bombs (a conventional male fantasy) and women get reduced to Playboy bunnies (a conventional male fantasy). Where are the games that serve female fantasies, or even unconventional or un-gendered fantasies?

        It isn’t the existence of the usual kind of game that I object to. There’s nothing wrong with males with conventional fantasies having a place to go and play them out. It’s the shortage of games for other people and the excuses companies give for not making them that annoy me.

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