Attention Hollywood: people who will pay good money to see superhero movies will pay good money to see movies with female superheroes, as long as said movies are not stinking piles of crap.  Consider that the next time you’re greenlighting the fifth reboot of a male-superhero movie.

9 thoughts on “Superhero

  1. I’m not so sure about that. I can’t speak for the ladies, but lots of men would gladly spend two hours in a theater watching a topless female superhero… even though the movie would be a stinking pile of crap.

  2. indeed, let’s not go falling for the old “men are all mindless sex beasts” canard. If female skin were all it took to sell movie tickets, we’d be on Catwoman 12 and Elektra 8 by now. Most men want the same things out of their superhero movies that most women do: good stories, interesting characters, and an impressive spectacle. And we’d like that with female characters, too, please.

    For those who do want topless female superheroes, the internet will provide. They don’t need to be in the movies.

  3. In all seriousness, I’m getting increasingly tired and frustrated with the “men are mindless sex beasts” trope. As any stereotype, it’s unrealistic and based on just a fraction of reality.

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