Hey, this “studying the human past to learn about ourselves” stuff is really easy when you don’t know anything about the past and get to just make crap up!


9 thoughts on “Unevolved

  1. I especially like the *MMF!*. That’s some forceful lovemaking they’re getting started on. (Or it’s an abbreviation for an unseemly brand of “lovemaking” the young fellow is contemplating—not to worry, though, since prehistoric man was totally into the ménage, as every respectable social scientist knows.)

    • Psychologists, man– they’re a kinky bunch. If Freud were alive today he’d be on a message board somewhere posting real-life slashfic.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed!

      This is actually something of an issue in archaeology at the moment. We always assumed that men would be buried with weapons and women with jewelery, so that’s how we described the graves we found. Those descriptions then became part of the literature, which provided further confirmation of the original assumption. DNA testing is now making it possible to reexamine old evidence and discover that people of the past did not always conform to the prejudices of the present.

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