Single female seeks abstract concept for long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and mindful contemplation.


6 thoughts on “Boyfriend

  1. Yes, well, the reverse could also be seen as true. Many men are as poor at picking potential mates as well as many women. That, and the idea of perfection for both seems to be rather far fetched (perfection being far fetched in and of itself, I guess that part actually fits logically.)
    I think a large part of this is the social aspect, which pushes certain ideas of what ideal is in a mate.
    There are bright spots, however, as a number of people do make a wise choice in who they date.

    • I guess this joke was just a little too obscure.

      This is just me playing with words. The idea for this comic came to me when I was thinking about the terms “Platonic relationship” and “Platonic ideal.” I was amused by imagining what a “Platonic ideal relationship” would look like. My simplistic renderings of “boyfriend” and “ideal boyfriend” are really just there to set up the “Platonic” punch line.

      Women and men of the world, your choices of mate are not under criticism here. It is not for me or anyone else to tell you what you should be looking for in your “ideal” partner. (I just hope that they exist in the physical plane, because that would be one hell of a long-distance relationship. I’ve done intercontinental and that really sucked; I can’t even imagine inter-plane-of-reality.)

      • Lol. I got that, just thought it worth mentioning that it both works in reverse, and not mentioning certain common poor criteria that could easily have been included. (Of course, everybody has their own methods, and what seems a poor criterion to me is, going by popularity, not a poor criterion according to many.)
        As for the trans-planar relationship… I can only imagine the silent treatment being invoked. *Long distance is definitely difficult!*

      • Uh….
        I’m trying, but I’m really not getting what you’re trying to say here. I thought maybe you misread the point of the comic, but if not then I really don’t know what your message is.
        What works in reverse? What “poor criteria” are you thinking of?
        I’m trying here but I’m really lost.

  2. You’re not alone. I cannot tell at. all. what you are trying to say, Robert. Neither of your comments is particularly clear.

  3. Eh, forget it. It’s far more into a theoretic physics realm assuming alternate planes of existence… so probably even more obscure than the initial joke. *Sorry if it was confusing!*

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