It’s a trap


I’m so tired of the “IKEA is evil and they use evil psychological store layout voodoo to make you buy things” argument.  IKEA is a business.  Of course they want you to buy things. Of course they’re going to put the things they want you to buy out where you can see them.  What store doesn’t?  If you don’t want to walk by every last towel bar and bookcase in the store, just use the shortcuts.  They’re really pretty easy to find.

And if you must walk through the entire store, do not despair, for I can teach you a secret ancient technique for not being sucked in by their tricks.  It’s called: “Not buying things you don’t want.”


5 thoughts on “It’s a trap

    • I struggle every day to remind myself that most people do have self-control, they just make choices that I wouldn’t. That doesn’t make them mistaken or wrong, it just makes them not me.
      Some people, though…. *Shaking my head* Some people…

  1. It’s not so much a matter of “not buying things you don’t want,” as “not buying things you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want but you know you shouldn’t really you have enough cups at home omigawd it has a kitty on it.”

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