9 thoughts on “Grading

  1. Truly hilarious!

    What a clever student will realize is that Wikipedia often has sources cited on the bottom of the article. Furthermore, these sources are often linked and are usually easily checked. More than half of your work is done for you!!! I did write clever student, didn’t I?

    Even better is when one’s blog is cited as source. I am not kidding. I still giggle maniacally thinking about it.

    • As I’ve often told my students, Wikipedia is a perfectly good place to start your research, but it’s a very bad place to end it.

  2. Eh, they are just fitting into the norm of society with the masses who refuse to fact check or think for themselves. Maybe you should have restricted your drinking game to blatantly obvious things that are so false that it is amazing they haven’t been challenged cited off Wikipedia? I’m guessing you could probably still have a decent drinking game!

  3. I’d say they’re fitting into the societal norm of students who think college is for whatever else they want to do rather than study. I’ve actually had a student ask me “We’re supposed to check what it [=a Wikipedia page] says?”

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