18 thoughts on “Powerpoint

      • Yup. I’m a office worker, so I am subjected to it on numerous occasions to frequent and painful to mention. I just loved this as I’m a big LOTR geek, having read them too many times to mention. I would never have thought of mixing PP &LOTR. Simply brilliant. I may have to put this into my next PP slideshow…

  1. Epic! Nothing is more tedious than having a power point presentation read to you slide by slide in a slow monotone and having to stay awake! On the other hand, if we could just transfer that power into sleep aids…

    I have, however, met one or two people who could use the slides for things to enhance a lecture with visuals and actually teach from other material. It was, in their hands, a powerful tool of learning enhancement. Sadly, those people are few and far between.

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