You want me to pledge my allegiance to a sewing project?


5 thoughts on “Flag

  1. Pride in one’s nation is a good thing, in cases where you should be proud of what the nation does and/or stands for. I agree with you on the whole flag thing, and think that nationalism has been taken way too far way too often throughout history (and still is today.) There is, after all, little point in being strictly nationalist just because you are part of the nation in question. The two are highly interrelated, with the flag representing the nation to many people.

    Far too few are willing to admit the flaws within their nation, or to work on finding answers. However, nations are still merely gatherings of people living under common rules. The people are what really matter, and it is the idea that the nation is more important that confuses me the most. To call those who dissent traitors is to deny the nation itself. For no nation can exist without the people who gather there, and no nation can always please all of its people.

    All that aside, it is amazing that quilts have taken up such an iconic position, is it not?

  2. Technically, it’s patchwork, not quilt. Quilt involves padding between layers. Just earning my textile history geekery points. 😉

  3. That bit in the pledge always bugged me – “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands…” Why not just pledge allegiance to the Republic and leave the flag out of it? And I’m not really sure what allegiance to a piece of cloth entails anyway.

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