Virgin birther


And what’s this “render unto Caesar” tax-and-spend crap?!


3 thoughts on “Virgin birther

  1. Ah, the messages get so confusing for so many people! It is interesting to note that while he advocated charity, he also advocated wisdom in the use of resources like money. Even more interesting, and perhaps relevant to our current society, is that MOST churches do a far better job of charity than the government does… in terms of integrity, fiscal discipline, and scam prevention.
    I am not saying that this proves anything, other than that people do not always read the whole message… and that government is a big hammer used far too often to pound on small problems. All that aside, I do think it rather curious just how much effort has been put into blocking the past of a certain political figure. There is this old saying, that nothing is hidden without a reason.
    I am, however, an advocate of freedom to think and believe whatever you want. Sometimes that means putting up with a lack of logic, arguments that skip on facts, and general ignorance. However, I cannot think of anyone I would trust to determine what we are allowed to think, feel, etc. Least of all the power hungry elite political parties that run this nation/world.
    Finally: Nice joke! I got a good laugh out of it, so please don’t think any of the rest of this was out of a lack of enjoyment of the satire!

    • Looks like you and I are pretty far apart on the political spectrum. And you know what? I think that’s great. There are so many people in our world today who would tell both of us that we shouldn’t even talk to each other, let alone laugh at the same joke. And, fair enough, we probably wouldn’t get very far if we tried discussing religious beliefs or tax policy, but the fact that people like us can enjoy the same dumb jokes is probably a good thing for our world.

      Tabula Candida is open to everyone. Come and have a laugh. The world is already full enough of angry people who don’t want to listen to other people’s ideas. Leave your seriousness at the door and remember we’re all human, we’re all flawed, we’re all just trying to figure this whole ‘life’ business out. If we can make each other chuckle a little along the way, so much the better for everyone.

      • Aye! I have found that, unless somebody is a complete political nut, it is pretty darn easy to get along. Tolerance for the opinions of others is not just a nice ideal… it is something that is invaluable in life. Every once in a while you learn something from them, as well as getting to enjoy their company!

        Always a pleasure to meet open minded people… or find out people are open minded!

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