And it got a whole lot worse after that.


3 thoughts on “Shutdown

  1. Well, it does hurt some good people who are merely employed by the government, the biggest effect of a government shutdown for me is that I really don’t miss them. What is there to miss anyway? I won’t miss them spending more money ineffectively. I won’t miss more laws written by lawyers for lawyers and those who bribe lawyers. I’m… trying hard to find something to miss, and the closest I can come is national parks (which I can live without.)
    In the end, both sides are doing nothing but grandstanding, while getting paid (they have the convenient excuse that they can’t legislate upon their own pay,) and the real problems of our nation are no better or worse off than before. Boo to both major parties, imo., enamored of enriching themselves whether the nation suffers or not.
    *Note: I do not intend to act upon the situation. The only methods for reform are either trying to convince the people to think and act on their own ignoring the convenient party system and preformed bias (which is nearly impossible, but the only peaceful method for change)… or to fight a war. Neither appeals to me.*

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