Okay, fine I get it– it’s a made up word based on a faulty reading of a scribal error.  Who says made up words can’t have made up plurals?


2 thoughts on “Plural

  1. I actually think we should have it as syllaba (as something very similar to curriculum, which plurals to curricula, having the same style would be pretty nifty!) Then again, language is not an exact science until it is virtually dead. People have a nasty habit of adding, changing, and completely destroying words.
    Bonus points, as far as I am concerned, if you can get somebody to believe the correct plural is Syllabub. Very minimal bonus points, as most people do not have a vocabulary large enough to include many rarely used three letter words (for example, vim!) let alone longer combinations that are rarely used.
    Actually, I wonder if I could convince someone that Syria is actually the plural of syllabus. Notable studies and hoaxes indicate the probability to be high.

    • I like that: the plural of syllabus really ought to be syllabub, because once you’ve finished working on a bunch of them you really need something to pick you up.

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