7 thoughts on “Lunch

    • The motion to to create a sub-subcommittee on snacks and the motion to adjourn the lunch meeting and immediately reconvene as a dinner meeting were both voted down in subcommittee.

      • Where do the tea, coffee, water and soft drinks committee stand on this, particularly in light of the motion brought up by the Biodegradable Containers and Stir Sticks Committee regarding the use of organic, hand crafted condiments using only materials indigenous to the locales of the Indigenous Peoples creating the locally produced organic, hand crafted condiments? Should there be further discussion? What does the Subcommittee on Further Discussion say to this?

  1. Well, academics (people, rather than the field) tend to be much like government officials. A few of them use common sense, but the rest require ceremony and excessive work to ensure they seem valuable. *My cynical (realistic?) opinion on the matter.*

    • I don’t think academia or civil service has a monopoly on the arrogant blowhard population. They’re like an invasive species that can sneak in anywhere and drive away the decent hardworking people who care about helping others.

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