Then again, considering how depressing the real news is, maybe we should just be grateful for the interruption.


3 thoughts on “Baby

  1. Well, it is my opinion that we should not be snarky at this time. We should be sad, and have pity for the poor child. They will likely always be protected and smothered. That in turn leads to the great irony of ‘nobility’; in that the greatest of noble actions, to risk your own life to protect another, is basically impossible. This child will be forced into the culture at an early age, with little time to relax and simply enjoy childhood. The demands upon it will be constant. Essentially, once out of diapers this child will be treated as a pseudo-adult that has duties and rules that go far beyond those of most normal adults.
    I agree that the event itself is no more significant than any other birth. I just feel like it is, in a way, more tragic than most. As for the whole supreme executive power thing… I am very afraid of following the ‘mandate of the masses.’ After all, that mandate seems to include ‘think for me because I don’t want to think.’ Sadly, as I have written before and will likely write again (I have it saved!): ‘People seem to have a problem with a little think called thinking. They keep trying to fight it. The real problem, however, is that thinking doesn’t fight back. If you fight against thinking, you always win… and that’s a real loss!’

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