We’ve been mucking about with the definition of marriage for thousands of years.  Letting same-sex couples in on the action is one of the least weird changes we’ve ever made.

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    • Oh yes, we’re a species who invented crossword puzzles because words weren’t complicated enough on their own. What else would you have expected us to do with relationships?

      • We are a fun species!
        I hate crosswords… because I’m zero good at them.
        I do other fun things with words.
        Like you said, couldn’t expect any less from relationships.
        We each love a thing in our own way, words and relationships are to make art with. ; )
        Drafting a law against crossword puzzles as we speak.

  1. Well done; seems that so many on the right believe that the bible was written in 1955 by someone watching Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best.

    • 1955? That’s when it’s interpretation was “written”. Even more important. : )
      No matter what the thing says, the interoperation is all anyone gets. Example: A mob bangs down a door in Sodom to get at a foreign house guest they want to gang rape. The only problem with this scene is the would be victims were male. Hence sodomy. One riot making a whole town be guilty and subsequently nuked, is like nuking all L.A. after the riots. Makes me wonder if the book isn’t satire, like Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Or as some say, Machiavelli’s The Prince, was what not to do, or how to notice if it’s happening to you, rather than a how-to-book. In the Bible story, God asked Abraham, before He nuked Sodom and Gomorrah on account of that would be rape riot, if he could find one good person in the city. If so, it would not be destroyed. Abraham, likely a bigot, not from around them parts, and indignant, couldn’t find a single person worth saving in a whole two towns.
      Yeah, what not to be like, for sure. Really, not one good person? Abraham is the father of the chosen and all that. A guy who can’t see even one person worth saving. God does his will.
      Interesting book.
      Great art.

  2. Awesome.

    I still stand by this simple fix: ‘Get government out of marriage.’ Honestly, there should be 1 piece of paper, with the names of those declaring a legal bond, and 1 set of benefits for those people. *Notice, no limits on type or number of people… it’s not anyone’s business but those involved (and possibly the families of those people.)* Simply put there is no reason for us to be involved in the personal business of other people.

    I am a huge proponent of freedom. The marriage laws exist in order to do two things, legislate morality for the sake of morality and get the government some nice $. The first is a direct exercise against freedom, as laws should be about preventing harm and not merely indignation. The second is merely another attempt to tax without actually calling it a tax, and as such can be shifted to a fee based structure for the paperwork for filing for legal bond.

    Thanks for a great comic with some nice laughs!

    • As my grandfather the lawyer was fond of pointing out, in legal terms, a marriage is no different from any other contract.

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    • Thanks, please feel free to share. I’m very happy you found it worth spreading. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the info. Like Robert, I don’t believe in marriage. It’s asking a cleric or the government for permission to sleep with a particular person and no one else. Why should anyone need their permission? And who can promise forever (“Till death do us part.”)? Sounds like a prescription for murder.

    Or, as another single friend once stated, “Why should gay people want the same misery straight people suffer?”

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