5 thoughts on “Debate

  1. I’ve done something similar in the past! *Love getting to hear that other people did similar clever things!* Here’s my list of methods, just in case any of them happen to be of use.
    My four favorite teaching methods (Based on personal experience, as a student who kept being enlisted to teach other students some whens in my past):
    1. Encouraged guidance. *This is where you simply step back and help a person find materials needed for their own interests. Probably a rare case in the school systems.)
    2. Devious encouragement. *This is what your teacher did. You trick the student into study via a choice that makes the study seem great. It works better if the student(s) do not know they are being tricked. Thus games make a poor choice, and something like debates or projects instead of tests work well.*
    3. Pop quiz circle. *This method is merely a form of rote. You get a group of people, and have a list of questions and answers. You repeat the questions in no particular order a few times around (you can mix them up and the like if desired between rounds) and as you work everyone keeps hearing X question = Y answer.*
    4. Repeat the lesson five times. Yep, five. Then wait 10-15 minutes. Repeat without notes. *This is a short to long term memory method. It is another form of rote. It works wonders on students who learn the material, but then just forget it later. It can be effective on those who do not really care about learning the material. It works best if the students are the ones doing it, although the teacher giving the first 5 and the students randomly doing the final part works well enough.* [I use this for brute memorization sometimes, for myself.]

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